Testosterone Cream

Testosterone preparations are used in conjunction with their prescribed dosages and frequencies of treatment for the restoration of healthy levels within a regimen commonly known as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). These testosterone preparations serve a variety of different purposes, and come in multiple forms. Testosterone cream has become one of the more popular forms for numerous reasons. For example, many users have replaced their testosterone patch with testosterone cream because it doesn't irritate the skin like the adhesive in patches.

Testosterone Preparations

There are several testosterone preparations, and many reasons for picking one over another. Regardless of which TRT preparation you select (testosterone cream, orals, pellets, etc.) each provides adequate testosterone replacement, along with its specific pros and cons. The trick is to identify the treatment that best suits your particular lifestyle.

Here are some of the more prevalent preparations:

  • Orals - tablets taken daily
  • Creams - rubbed on skin and absorbed transdermally
  • Pellets - inserted between skin layers
  • Injections - shot into muscle tissues
  • Gels - rubbed on skin and absorbed transdermally
  • Patches - stuck to large muscle groups via an adhesive and absorbed transdermally

Properties of Testosterone Cream

The testosterone cream is prepared in different solutions, at varying dosages, and sort of combines many of the positive characteristics of other testosterone preparations. For example, testosterone cream: is absorbed transdermally (through the skin) much like the way patches and gels work; requires frequent, i.e. daily administration like tablets and; swiftly elevates blood serum levels like the aforementioned preparations and intramuscular testosterone propionate. Since its debut, testosterone cream has been a very popular preparation mostly because of its great convenience. A near overnight sensation, and a widely accepted testosterone treatment, the testosterone cream is prized mostly for its incredible ease of use.


Today's testosterone cream can be applied to any clean, dry area of the thighs, abdomen, upper arms, or back. It is important to rotate testosterone cream application sites daily (every 24 hours), and to allow at least seven (7) days to elapse prior to reusing a site in order to prevent over-saturation. When using this form of testosterone, it important to allow it to dry prior to getting dressed. Lastly, testosterone cream should be spread on the body a minimum of six hours before to swimming or bathing.

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