Our All-Inclusive Treatment Program Includes:

Only 2 annual office visits required - No inconvenient weekly office visits for injections.

  • Doctor Consultation and Physical
  • All Subsequent Related Doctor Visits
  • All Required Blood Testing (2-3 times per year)
  • All Approved Medications Prescribed by Physician
  • All Syringes and Medical Supplies
  • All Shipping Charges - All Medication Shipped to Your Door
  • 24/7 Nurse Medical Phone Support
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • No Consultation Fee
  • No Hidden Charges

If your initial blood test indicates that you do not need Testosterone,
You will not be charged.

Who We Are and What We Do:

We offer inexpensive, no-hassle, Low Testosterone Treatment under the care of licensed physicians to the millions of American men whose bodies have begun producing less-than-optimal testosterone. We are a buying group. Our ability to provide the finest medical services at a fixed, low monthly price is due to the economies of scale.

Our experience and reputation in this industry give us the ability to forge strong relationships with large pharmacies, laboratories and health care networks, each of which has pre-negotiated prices with us.

Testosterone therapy is a delicate process that requires monitoring by a physician. As a member of our buying group, you will have a customized treatment schedule based on your specific needs and your treatment will always be monitored by a physician. We take no shortcuts. We take no chances.

The symptoms of low testosterone are often assumed to be merely the indicators of "growing older." This is why tens of millions of men are living with less energy, less stamina, less vigor and optimism than they enjoyed in their youth. If there's even the slightest chance that you might benefit from testosterone therapy, you're only a blood test away from knowing for sure.

Let us do that for you. Just fill out the form and we'll do the rest.

"Will there ever be a charge beyond
my $199/mo. membership fee?"

Yes, but it's only this: each time a prescription is sent, the pharmacy will charge you a small $15 prescription fee. We'd love to pay this for you, but compliance issues strictly prohibit it. Think of it as a $15 co-pay. The good news is that a prescription fee has to be paid only when a prescription refill is required, usually every 2 to 6 months, depending on your usage. You might have as many as three prescriptions and a fee is required for each one, so you'll need to pay this $15 a few times each year. It's not a lot of money, but we don't want you to be surprised by fees you didn't anticipate, no matter how small they might be.

That's it. That's all. Are you ready to get started?

LowTestosterone.com is committed to providing our clients with exceptional testosterone treatment at the absolute best prices available! Our extensive network of doctors are "Low Testosterone Certified" and are eager to help improve your quality of life today!