Proper Injection and Dosing Procedures - Videos

Learning how to inject testosterone is something that makes a lot of men extremely nervous. The idea of piercing their skin with a sharp needle isn't very appealing, and the thought can make even the toughest man a bit weak in the knees. Fortunately, it's actually a very simple process. After the initial injection, most men laugh at how easy and virtually painless it is, and after a few injections, it becomes as routine as brushing your teeth. But when you don't understand proper injecting techniques you'll find it very difficult to get comfortable. Thankfully, we're going to show you exactly how to perform injections properly, without complication and in a way that will leave you with absolutely no confusion.

Intramuscular Injection 101

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SubQ Injection 101 (Beneath the Skin)

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HCG Reconstitution and Injection

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Testosterone Injections:

Testosterone injections can be performed one of two ways, Intramuscular (IM) injections of Subcutaneous (SubQ) injections. IM injections refer to an injection into the muscle. IM testosterone injections are most commonly performed in the upper-outer thigh or glutes (rear end). SubQ injections refer to an injection into the fat. SubQ injections are most commonly performed in the abdomen two to three inches to the left or right of the naval.

If injecting testosterone IM, one inch 25g needles will be the easiest to use as well as the most comfortable. If injecting testosterone SubQ, 1/2-1" 27-29g needles will be the most comfortable. If you are using a 1" needle, you do not need to go in too deep or all the way in.

HCG Injections:

HCG injections are normally performed SubQ. Using a small insulin syringe, this is perhaps the easiest injection a man on testosterone replacement therapy will ever perform. Normally performed in the abdomen, two to three inches to the left or right of the naval, SubQ injections of this nature can be performed in any fatty area, but the stomach remains the primary point of injection.

When injecting HCG SubQ, 5/16-3/8" 29-31g insulin needles will be the most comfortable and the easiest to use.

Learning How to Inject:

To learn how to properly perform testosterone and HCG injections, IM or SubQ, please see our videos below. In the following videos we'll walk you through each step from start to finish. After you watch the videos and get ready to inject, if at anytime you feel confused please come back and take another look. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you learn how to inject properly. It is not only important for your safety and comfort, but it's very important so that you do not waste your testosterone. Testosterone is a Schedule III controlled substance. It is extremely difficult to get an early refill on a Schedule III controlled substance. If you are not following a proper technique, you'll find it's very easy to run out early, and you could find yourself without testosterone for a few weeks. There is no reason to be that guy, not when these videos are available. is committed to providing our clients with exceptional testosterone treatment at the absolute best prices available! Our extensive network of doctors are "Low Testosterone Certified" and are eager to help improve your quality of life today!